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Roadmaps and Summaries on the key provisions and regulatory rulemakings impacting energy traders can be found below for each relevant title:

Roadmaps Summaries
Title II Title II
Title IV Title VII
SEC Title VII  


News and Legal Alerts

Legal Alert: The SemCrude Bankruptcy: Commodity Traders Prevail Against Related Fraud and U.C.C. Claims
August 24, 2015

Legal Alert: The SEC Releases Regulations on Reporting and Dissemination of Security-Based Swaps Data
April 9, 2015

Legal Alert: Mandatory Clearing in Europe May Still Be “A Ways Off”: ESMA Responds to Proposed Amendments on Interest Rate Swaps Clearing RTS and Postpones Consideration of FX NDF Clearing
February 19, 2015

Legal Alert: CFTC Fines Summit Energy Services, Inc. for Violating CTA Registration Rules Under the Commodity Exchange Act
February 4, 2015

Legal Alert: CFTC Expands Existing Clearing Relief for Treasury Affiliates
December 23, 2014

Legal Alert: Regulators Publish Re-proposed Margin Requirements for Uncleared Swaps
September 24, 2014

Five Dodd-Frank Reforms that Keep Energy Attorneys Up at Night
September 11, 2014 Reprinted with permission Law360

Legal Alert: Storm Clouds Continue to Gather Over Bankruptcy Code’s Safe Harbors
May 29, 2014

Legal Alert: CFTC Adopts Streamlined Approach for Delegation of CPO Registration
May 19, 2014

Legal Alert: CFTC Affords Market Participants a “Second Bite” at the Swap Recordkeeping and Reporting Rules
April 2, 2014

Legal Alert: Update: An End-User’s Guide to the CFTC’s Final Cross-Border Guidance
January 21, 2014

Legal Alert: Final Volcker Rule: Update and Key Takeaways
January 13, 2014

Press Release: Sutherland Associate Cheryl Aaron Appointed Board Chair of Anti-Defamation League DC Young Professionals Division
December 18, 2013

Legal Alert: Federal Agencies Issue Final Volcker Rule
December 13, 2013

Revived Dodd-Frank position limits worry energy firms
November 18, 2013 Reprinted with permission Risk

Futures Industry Faces Dodd-Frank Hurdles
November 17, 2013 Reprinted with permission CME Group

Legal Alert: New CFTC Rules Provide Broad Enhancement of Protections for Customers of FCMs - But at a Cost
November 13, 2013

Dodd-Frank Commodity Option Rules Sow Confusion Among Energy Firms
October 14, 2013 Reprinted with permission EnergyRisk

Legal Alert: An End-User’s Guide to the CFTC’s Final Cross-Border Guidance
August 8, 2013

Legal Alert: CFTC Adopts Final SEF, “Available to Trade” and Block Trade Rules – Implications for End-Users
July 3, 2013

Legal Alert: Nearly at the Buzzer, CFTC Affords End-Users Relief from Dodd - Frank Reporting Requirements
April 19, 2013

Energy Firms Give Mixed Response to Dodd-Frank Swap Reporting Delay
April 19, 2013 EnergyRisk (subscription required)

Energy Firms Struggle to Meet Dodd-Frank Reporting Deadline
April 2, 2013 EnergyRisk (subscription required)

Will Dodd-Frank Reinvigorate the CFTC's Enforcement Program Or Is Past Prologue - CFTC Enforcement Activity Before Dodd-Frank
February 25, 2013 Reprinted with permission Bloomberg BNA Securities Regulation & Law Report

SEC Adopts Final Rules Implementing Whistleblower Provisions of Dodd-Frank
July 2012 Insights: The Corporate & Securities Law Advisor

MF Global Insolvency Reveals Risk in Dodd-Frank Model
January 2012 Reprinted with permission Financier Worldwide

Coming Changes for Derivatives Users
July 6, 2011 Reprinted with permission Law 360

Derivatives Documentation for Energy End Users
June 6, 2011 Reprinted with permission Law360

Legal Alert: CFTC Extends Most, But Not All, Proposed Rule Comment Periods; Lawmakers Propose Extension of Title VII's Deadline
May 6, 2011

Legal Alert: U.S. Treasury Secretary Proposes to Exempt FX Swaps and FX Forwards from Dodd-Frank's "Swap" Definition
April 29, 2011

Legal Alert: CFTC Proposes Key Rulemakings that Complete the "Mosaic" of Proposed Rules to Implement Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act
April 28, 2011

Legal Alert: CFTC and SEC Seek Public Input on the Timetable for Effective Dates of Final Rules to Implement Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act
April 15, 2011

Legal Alert: Proposed Margin Requirements for Uncleared Swaps Could Significantly Increase the Costs Associated with Over-the-Counter Swap Transactions and May Apply to Some End-Users
April 13, 2011

Dodd-Frank's Eye on Energy Cos.' Use of Derivatives
April 7, 2011 Reprinted with permission Law360

Legal Alert: Chairman Gensler Outlines Timeline for Finalizing and Implementing the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's Dodd-Frank Rulemakings
March 18, 2011

Legal Alert: Comments Sought on Proposed Interpretive Order on Disruptive Practices Due May 17
March 18, 2011

Dodd-Frank Title VII Update: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?
10 Important Issues Facing Derivatives Users

February 23, 2011

Legal Alert: CFTC Proposes Rules to Continue to Allow Agricultural Swaps and Commodity Options and to Supplement Previously Proposed Swap Documentation Requirements
January 21, 2011

Legal Alert: CFTC Issues Two Additional Proposed Rules Under the Dodd-Frank Act at Its First Open Meeting of 2011
January 14, 2011

Legal Alert: Dodd-Frank Act Rulemakings—End-User Update
January 7, 2011

Legal Alert: CFTC Issues Sixth Series of Proposed Rules Under Dodd-Frank Including Rules to Further Define Swap Entities
December 2, 2010

'Dodd-Frank' is next storm to weather for energy companies
October 4-8, 2010 Reprinted with permission Houston Business Journal

Secretary of the Treasury Seeks Input on Whether Foreign Exchange Swaps and Foreign Exchange Forwards Should Be Regulated as Swaps Under Dodd-Frank
October 29, 2010

Legal Alert: CFTC to Create a Position Reporting System for Certain Physical Commodity Swaps
October 21, 2010

Legal Alert: CFTC Solicits Comments on How the Trading of Agricultural Swaps Should Be Governed
October 20, 2010

Legal Alert: CFTC Issues Interim Final Rule With Respect to Reporting Requirements for Pre-Enactment Swaps
October 5, 2010

Legal Alert: Dodd-Frank Act Creates Significant Changes in Bankruptcy Law Affecting Derivatives and Other Trading Counterparties
September 22, 2010

Legal Alert: SEC and CFTC Request Comments on Significant Defined Terms in Title VII of Dodd-Frank
September 14, 2010

Legal Alert: CFTC and SEC Accepting Comments on Dodd-Frank Rulemaking
August 19, 2010

Platts Energy Week 8.15.10 - Regulating Wall Street
August 15, 2010

Legal Alert: Final Version of Financial Regulatory Reform Bill Establishes New Landscape - Critical Details Left to Regulators
June 30, 2010

Legal Alert: CFTC Proposes Position Limits for Major Energy Commodities
January 14, 2010


Past Events

Webcast: Hot Topics in Derivatives Under Dodd-Frank for Private Investment Funds
April 16, 2013

Presentations - End-User Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements Under the Dodd-Frank Act
March 20, 2013 Quick Counsel, Association of Corporate Counsel Webinar

Presentation: Navigating Uncharted Water: Anticipating the Cold Winds of Dodd-Frank Enforcement
January 31, 2013 Association of Corporate Counsel Best Practices Committee

Argus Americas Crude Summit 2011 -  Presentation: The US Regulatory Landscape
January 27, 2011

Argus Oil Market Regulation Summit 2010
September 1, 2010 

"Margin of Safety?" The Implications of the Dodd-Frank Credit Requirements for Derivatives on Energy Businesses and Trading
August 18, 2010

Webinar: Impact of the Financial Reform Legislation on Oil and Oil Trading Companies
July 28, 2010


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Legislative Benchmarks
November 19, 2009:
Regulatory Reform, markup, The Senate Banking Committee, on the Dodd bill entitled, "The Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2009."

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